The word Bhramara means Bumblebee and Yoga means union in Sanskrit. It is believed that Parbati the wife of Adhi yogi Shiva once had taken the form of a Bumblebee to search for the truth in the region of Himalayas. Because of Parbati’s union with the bee, people of the region started to worship bumblebees as Bhramari, the goddess of bees. As time passed, the yoga was discovered for development of body, mind and spirit. The pranayama ,one of the eight-limbs of yoga dates back to around the 5th and 6th centuries BC. There are different kinds of pranayamas, and Bharamari is one of them.

According to Patanjali’s yoga sutra, yoga is designed for  personal power as well as liberation. In 150 BC, he described 8- limbs of yoga in his sutra. Here he mentions the practices of Ashtanga (Eight-limbed) as having inward restraints, outward actions, physical postures, breathing exercises, withdrawal of the senses, concentration, meditation and oneness with the universe. The eight-limbs of yoga practice requires a great amount of dedication, determination and devotion, and then it is possible to reach the goal of Samadhi.

The Bhramara yoga can be practical to everyone. It focuses on an individuals well-being and inner peace.  Bhramara yoga takes you right to the core to develop your body and mind. In this 21st century, everyone is looking to getting in shape, having a healthy life and finding happiness etc. There are five types of exercises or shadhanas to lead you to achieve your goal in Bharamara yoga, they are called Pancha Vyamam or Five-exercises.

1.Agaviksepa (movements of the limbs and arms)

2.Asana (posture)

3.Pranayama (breathing)

4.Dharana (concentration)

5.Dhyana (contemplation)