Sagarmatha Meditation


Before you get to know sagarmatha mediation, it is very important to find out, what is consciousness. According to scientists, they believed that consciousness is just like a bile acid, which is a product of the gallbladder and acid is a product of the stomach. Scientists are still struggling to find out where consciousness comes from, or where consciousness is located in our body. As a human being, we try to find out everything intellectually, but that is limited. Only certain things are possible to analyze and achieve with the intellectual mind, however it’s difficult to find ‘being’ intellectually. Because we are identified with our intellect, mind, ego and perceptual experiences, etc. it seems to be a big struggle within us. After a long struggle, when we have come to a realization and settled down, then we will find that there is a ‘being’ within us. To find the true being within you means to achieve free form thought processes. We become conscious and we realize that consciousness is not just in the brain, but the brain, body, mind and the whole cosmos is in the consciousness. Consciousness never gets through a system of thought. Even quantum physicists have hypothesized that consciousness is not a byproduct of evolutionary processes, but the common ground of existence that ultimately differentiates into space-time energy information and matter. The same consciousness is responsible for a human’s thought, emotion, feeling, behavior, etc. There are three dimensions of activities going on constantly in the entire universe, which are creative, maintenance and destructive functions. It does not matter, whether it exists in the smallest realm of life or the biggest domain of life, whether it is atomic or cosmic. These three functions are happening all the time in every atomic or sub atomic level. That’s how balance is occurring in the entire universe. In our body these three functions are also going on. Every time the old cells are dying, new cells are creating and maintaining each other to give this life force. We don’t even notice that these functions are happening in our body, but they are happening unconsciously. If we are conscious about it and manage these three forces properly, our life will flow with proper balance.


Sagarmatha meditation is the system of using tools to improve the level of our consciousness by reaching into the inner exploration of being. What level of intensity that your life is functioning is the level of awareness that you are. Life that is full of awareness is like a diamond, which is pure and crystal-clear. An individual’s eyes can see through any dimension of a diamond. Similarly, an individual with a deeper level of consciousness will able to experience the existence of the universe profoundly.

Sagarmatha Meditation is the method to guide you to be aware or conscious with your whole being, while being totally and intensely in the moment. Whatever you do, listening or observing with your whole being very consciously, you will not only be able to know or understand it absolutely, but will also experiences it. Sagarmatha meditation is the observation of movement, breath, and sound. This system of meditation comes from Nepal. Sagar means Ocean and Matha means Forehead. It means Forehead of the Ocean. In English, the name for Sagarmatha is Mt. Everest