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Guru Shuny Bee is a world-renowned martial artist, born and raised in Nepal. He has been training in martial arts since childhood. Over the years he has been featured in numerous issues of BLACK BELT magazine .


We offer Jeet Kune Do, Taekwondo, and weaponry training.

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Serving the USA since 1998


ABOUT GRANDMASTER Grand Master Shuny Bee, born and brought up in Nepal, has been in martial arts training since an early childhood.  During the early days in Nepal,  martial arts was totally forbidden to be practiced by the common people. The government has made it illegal for any person besides the army and the police […]

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Grand Master Shuny Bee, born and brought up in Nepal, has been in martial arts training since an early childhood.  During the early days in Nepal,  martial arts was totally forbidden to be practiced by the common people. The government has made it illegal for any person besides the army and the police force to train or practice any form of martial arts. However, Master Shuny had always had a keen interest and love for martial arts, he knew that “where there is a will there is a way”. He was thirsty to seek the knowledge and truth of martial arts and one day came across some martial arts instructional books – this open the doorway where Master Shuny acquired the basic knowledge of the art thus shaping his future into the world of martial arts.

His dedication, hard work, determination and skill paid off pretty well at a very young age and short span of time where he had already stepped into the limelight of performing, competing and demonstrating all over  Nepal. His skill and ability in martial arts was also greatly praised by the then Royal Prince of Nepal, Prince Dhirendra. During the same time, a super star from Bollywood, Mr. Mithun Chackrobarty, was impressed by his talent and invited him to try his luck in the movie industry in India. His ambition and dream grew bigger and stronger and realized that he could become anything – anything that his purest nature and true heart desired. With wings of fancy, he took flight and began his journey to Bollywood. There he became sensation as a martial artist and actor.

His time there in Bollywood opened up his eyes and broadened his horizons and made him realize that the world was a much bigger place filled with the vastness of knowledge and opportunity. He was eager to understand and experience what the world had to offer and decided to come to America, Hollywood. Now he is here in Los Angeles, has established the Bee Martial Arts where he teaches his art and philosophy to his students.

In his journey of martial arts, Master Shuny Bee, though has had many accomplishments, his journey has taken a “U“ turn when Jean – Claude Van Damm visited him to Portland BMA Academy. Van Damme not only admired his talent in martial arts, but also has endorsed his book The way of Nunchaku. Van Damme also encourged GM Bee to disply his talent on movies. This motivated him to open his own home production. He has written, produced and directed several feature films to promote martial arts. He has also written and produced books and instructional DVDs to promote martial arts.

Ted Wong praising Shuny Bee for his excellence in martial arts and Keeping the good work in the Martial Arts world. Below Grand Master Shuny Bee is demonstrating his martial arts style in Long Beach.



Bee Martial Arts has been serving the United States since 1998. Since then our academy has produced many national and international gold medalists, amateur and professional fighters. In addition, some of the black belts from the academy have served this country in the Marines, Army, law enforcement, and various professions. The academy has also produced many actors and actresses for Hollywood. We welcome all skill levels and a variety of martial arts backgrounds; people starting a weight loss regimen, getting in shape, or training to fight in tournaments as well as simply learning to protect themselves.

BMA offers training in Jeet Kune Do, Taekwondo and weaponry. All classes are friendly and family oriented where each person feels welcomed and respected. The main goal of the Academy is to help each student realize their full potential and train body, mind, and spirit to overcome any obstacles they may face in life.

BMA is not only a part of the community but part of the school district, too. Key concepts of safety, kindness, and respect as a core philosophy of the local school districts are taught consistently at Academy. Students of the BMA as they elevate through the belt ranking system. Students under 17 years old must also have an approval form for each level signed by both parents and teachers to move on, thus promoting better behavior at home and elementary, middle and high school.

BMA has served to help schools in a variety of ways. For example, seminars on self-defense, reality martial arts for street survival, cultural awareness, targeted demonstrations, physical training for students or teachers and other resources. All our classes are taught under the supervision of Grand Master Shuny Bee. Safety gear and clothing requirements vary by class.


JKD literally means the way of the intercepting fist or kick.  Interception is not based on only the mechanical aspect of training, it is about intercepting your opponent and that requires perfect timing, speed, agility, correct distance, and precision. You have to focus not only on developing tactics and techniques, but whole attributes and most importantly awareness.

In combat, awareness takes precedence over everything else. One must cultivate a 360-degree field of consciousness to be aware in the moment and perceive information from an opponent. With it you will know what his actions will be, it will help you intercept him or her without difficulty. So in the art of JKD, interception, perception, and awareness are interrelated with each other.

JKD is designed to achieve efficiency. It does not have any passive moves, like block first then punch or kick. All the moves are active and functional.  A JKD artist goes for direct interception as soon as an opponent approaches or intends to attack.


Taekwondo is a vital sport in the twenty first century that focuses upon the all around development of oneself. It is important not only for the physical aspect but for the spiritual and mental development as well.  The simple definition of taekwondo is the art of kicking and punching. It is also a combination of various independent motions or techniques, which are the fundamental to taekwondo. Taekwondo is known as the way of the foot fighting style, because no other system has such dynamic kicking techniques. The varieties of kicks are the most powerful tools for self-defense. In turn, Taekwondo is a martial art for self-cultivation, which enables the martial artist to exert techniques in the air, using bare hands and unmeasured speed and power, and to embody the spiritual integration by means of cultivating spirit and energy to concentrate to achieve a specific goal.  In this modern world, Taekwondo has become an Olympic sport because of its huge popularity around the world.