Grand Master Shuny Bee is a world-renowned martial artist, born and raised in Nepal. He has been training in martial arts since childhood. Technically, martial arts training in Nepal was illegal while he was growing up. Despite this, his dedication, creativity, hard work, determination and skill paid off when his martial arts demonstration was greatly honored and praised by then Royal Prince of Nepal, Prince Dhirendra Bikram Saha. And he became an international sensation in movies and onstage, performing, competing and demonstrating his art talent around the world.

Over the years Shifu Shuny Bee has been featured in numerous issues of Black Belt Magazine. His techniques in martial arts has greatly honored by several masters and grand masters from the different arts from different countries.

As Guru Bee continued his journey in the martial arts, he has promoted the martial arts in numerous forms of mass media. He has had leading and supporting roles in movies and television. He has written and produced books and instructional DVDs promoting his art as well.


Ted Wong praising Shuny Bee for his excellence in martial arts and Keeping the good work in the Martial Arts world. Below Grand Master Shuny Bee is demonstrating his martial arts style in Long Beach.




Bee Martial Arts has been serving the country, USA since 1998. Since the Academy opened we have produced many national and international gold medalists, amateurs and professional fighters. In addition, some of the black belts from the Academy serve the country in their own fields such as the marines, army, law enforcement, and various professions. We welcome all skill levels and a variety of martial arts backgrounds; from people starting a weight loss regimen, getting in shape, or training to fight in championship as well as to protect them-selves.  BMA has a program for you. Stop by and check out our academy fully equipped with heavy bags, speed bags, grappling dummy, ground and pound bag, throwing mat, weight machines and many more features.


BMA offers Taekwondo, Jeetkunedo, Kali and weaponry. All the classes are friendly and family oriented where each person feels welcomed and respected. The main goal of Academy is to help each student realize their full potential and train body, mind and spirit to overcome any obstacles they may face in life.

BMA is not only a part of community but the part of school district too. The key concepts of being safe, kind and respectful that is a core philosophy of the local school districts is taught consistently at Academy. Students of the BMA as they graduate through the belt ranking system must also have an approval form for each level signed by both the parents and teachers to move on and this promotes better behavior on the student’s part both at home and school.

BMA also has served from time to time to help out at the different schools in a verity of ways. For example, seminars on self defense, reality martial arts for street survival, culture awareness, different demonstrations, physical training for students or teachers and other resources. All our classes are taught under the supervision of Grand Master Shuny Bee. Safety gear and clothing requirements vary by class.